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  • For the Internet Users
    to grow up business
    Internet use grew rapidly in the West from the mid-1990s and
    from the late 1990s in the developing world.
  • Internet Users
    are expanding World wide
    The prevalent language for communication on the Internet has been English.
    This may be a result of the origin of the Internet...
  • Social Impact
    How Internet is affecting social values?
    The Internet has enabled new forms of social interaction,
    activities, and social associations.
  • Crowd Sourcing
    Good venue for crowdsourcing
    The Internet provides a particularly good venue for crowdsourcing,
    because individuals tend to be more open in web-based projects.

African countries will get a grand help from UNESCO soon

Last Monday, at the headquarters of UNESCO, after a meeting, the cheif said that they are going to pass a bill for helping the African countries. As most of the African countries child life is not so good, so our help will assist them to achieve a good life.

Websites in the world just got doubled in last 5 years

As today internet is playing a vital role in the life of people living in developing and developed countries. Everybody uses internet in the city. Internet giving them ease of life providing them services online via various web portals. As nowadays every business have their own portals to show their services and provide or sell services online.

Science2 years ago
Leonid Meteor Shower 2016: In case you missed it last night you can watch the Leonids here

Stargazers around the world looked up at the night sky in the hope of seeing shooting stars during the meteor shower. If you did not stay up last night or if clouds blocked your view, you can still watch the highlights of a live broadcast online here.

Science2 years ago

Private rocket launch service SpaceX is requesting government approval to operate a massive satellite network that would provide high-speed, global internet coverage, according to newly filed documents with the US Federal Communications.

Business2 years ago
Microsoft joined the Linux foundation as a platinum member because of Cloud Services

Microsoft has officially joined the Linux foundation as a platinum member. Microsoft and the Open Source community have traditionally been enemies, but the announcement is the latest in a series of steps that Microsoft has taken to embrace Linux.

Science2 years ago
Now, Google launches photo scanning app

Tech giant Google has rolled out a new scanning app -- Google PhotoScan -- that allows users to scan and digitise physical photographs.

Entertainment2 years ago
New Avengers movie is rocking theatre

As the third installment of the movie, Avengers is still maintaining the interest of people due to its spectacular special effects and a loads of new heroes entries in the movie.